• Bordeaux Chateau Cambon la Pelouse

    Chateau Cambon la Pelouse, Cru Bourgeois Supérieur




     The vintage of Cambon la Pelouse located between Cantemerle and Giscours, two Castles classified on one of the highest points de Macau and to the limit of the Margaux appellation, produces wines appreciated since centuries. We cite as an example: - the book of Bernard Arancio: "THOMAS JEFFERSON" which list Cambon in the nomenclature of the "Guienne" at prices of sale among the highest of "Pais of Médoc" to 18th century.

    We can also take for reference the edition of 1949 of Feret which describes as well Cambon La Pelouse: "We can say that it is one of the oldest of the countered and its products have once largely contributed to begin in France and abroad the reputation of wines of Pais of Médoc. As soon as the end of the 17th century, sent in England, they amounted 400 pounds the barrel and beyond.

    Later they were shipped in Holland where they were often paid at prices higher than those that were getting the 5th and 4th crus." The vineyard was completely replanted in the years 1975. It includes today 60 hectares of vines in production comprising the properties of the Château Cambon la Pelouse and Chateau Trois Moulins (his neighbor).

    The property was resumed in 1996 by Jean-Pierre Marie. The quality of its terroir and its geographical location (between 2 crus classés) were decisive in his choice. Helped by Gabriel Vialard (ex oenologist of the Château Smith Haut Laffitte) and important investments, they have as ambition to restore to this property the rank qualitative and prestigious occupied the previous centuries.

    • Area : Bordeaux
    • Appellation : Chateau Cambon la Pelouse
    • Vineyard : Haut-Médoc
    • Color : Red
    • Vintage : 2008
    • Grape Variety : 20 % cabernet franc 品丽珠- 30% cabernet sauvignon 赤霞珠 - 50% merlot 美乐.
    • Wine Making : Thermal Control of stainless steel tanks and cold maceration prior to fermentation
    • Growing : Matured in barrels of oak during a year
    • Apogée : Until 2017
    • Service : 18 ° C - 19° C.
    • Accord : Duck aiguillettes with girolles, quail roasted, tournedos Rossini
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